Product Uses

Education Sector

Building Capacity Management

Use micro-area spatial statistics to optimize building and classroom usage. Identify multi-year trends within neighborhoods or attendance boundaries. Can be effectively used for increasing or declining enrollment scenarios.

Boundary Management and Communication

Visualize macro enrollment and demographic issues/trends. Create interactive maps to communicate attendance areas. Ensure that all enrolled students are eligible within specified boundaries and zones.

Open Enrollment Analysis

Generate analytics for net inflow/outflow of students in open enrollment environments.  Reconcile the geo-statistics to revenue and expense ramifications.

Programs and Services Analysis

Optimize the delivery of services based on location and availability of classroom space and certified personnel.  Develop strategies to reduce transportation costs and increase overall quality and experience of programs.

Transportation Statistics and Strategies

Develop strategies for transportation efficiency and generate interactive maps for pickup locations. Use Google Street View (where available) to identify potential safety issues related to bus routes and stops.

Communication with Stakeholders

Create communication lists easily and quickly with Micro Area Filtering™. Export query lists to third party applications for texting, emails, or auto-information calling.

Referendum/Voter Analysis

Upload voter information and generate analyses on trends and demographics.  Campaign committees can orchestrate effective communications with Micro Area Tagging™ and generate efficient communications lists.



Municipalities and other Government Agencies

Public Safety

Allocate public safety resources effectively based on space and time statistics. Use Micro Area Filtering™ to extract trend information on a period-over-period basis. Evaluate investments in equipment and personnel that have been deployed to specific sites or areas.

Public Health

Identify and react to geographic and time-based trends in public health. Analyze occurrences by location and use 5Maps statistics to optimize services and/or interventions. Act quickly using area-of-impact radius tools to generate communications.

Economic Development

Evaluate potential development opportunities by combining geo-spatial views with financial impact information. Generate color coded maps with satellite or terrain imagery to communicate economic zones and potential investments. Drill into income opportunities and historical performance within a micro-area.

Building Permits and Fee Related Programs

Use 5Maps to generate summary reports for building and construction related permits. Evaluate permit activity by contractor or permit type within a defined neighborhood or micro-area. Generate communications to neighboring property holders quickly by using 5Maps polygon-based queries.

Tax Rate and Assessment Analytics

Analyze tax rate and assessment data over time and by neighborhood. Audit or identify discrepancies and issues by quickly extracting information based on neighborhood or micro area.

Transportation and Maintenance

Record maintenance and improvement expenditures by location and time to understand total investments and commitments by area. Prioritize new expenditures with geographic and economic strategy.

Public Services and 311 Analytics

Incorporate map visualizations into public service databases. Increase overall quality and speed of service with the use of analytics. Communicate responsiveness to community requests with map-based output.



Private Sector

Risk Management

Utilize proprietary or third-party data for the purpose of evaluating and reducing exposure based on risk profile, environmental/weather related issues, or other economic factors. Utilize 5Maps to demonstrate lending or insurance commitments for regulatory compliance.

Sales Analysis and Territory Management

Manage sales production with increased focus utilizing Micro Area Tagging™. Generate reports and trend statistics by sales territory. Use 5Maps to associate new data attributes with defined geographic regions with tags such as “fast growth area” or specific campaign information.

Marketing and Demographic Analytics

Evaluate market potential by connecting demographic data to 5Maps. Develop pro-forma projections based on key metrics by utilizing 5Maps advanced filtering. Refine sales strategies based on regional and area demographics.

Sales Campaign Administration

Efficiently extract information based on user defined micro-area and export to CRM or marketing software. Save time and increase the focus level for geographic targeted campaigns by utilizing Micro Area Filtering™ and polygon based queries.

Political Campaign Strategy

Administer campaign strategy with powerful demographic and voter behavior insights. Generate walking and call lists with enhanced focus and ROI. 5Maps Micro Area Tagging™ allows campaign managers to filter geographic areas by an unlimited set of user-defined attribute tags.

Asset Allocation

Evaluate risk and opportunity with valuable geographic perspective by uploading geographically referenced assets onto a map. Filter the data by asset attributes to make refined recommendations and decisions. Build visualizations of underlying data in a map or chart view.

Branch Location Performance and Opportunities

Find new branch locations based on demographic data and evaluate the performance of existing branches with user provided data uploads. Increase the production within a branch by providing key performance metrics and sales opportunities within a defined geographic area.